When: Saturday, June 20th. 
TIME: The SEDER begins at 1:30 exactly.
     IF YOU ARE BRINGING FOOD – Be there by 1:15 p.m. Timing is very important
     If you are going to bring some food, we need to know that.
     However, DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED to bring food.
COME EARLY to get situated and enjoy some fellowship.
We need to know how many are coming, so please signup at the church or contact Penny to let us know.
We are looking forward to celebrating the "Last Supper", Pesach Seder.
On the Last night before His crucifixion, Christ explained to the disciples the TRUE meaning of what Israel had been celebrating ever since they were brought out of Egypt.
This Seder is the source of our "communion" or "Lord's Table".  It is about remembering that we have been brought out of the bondage of Sin to Eternal Life.
We will be explaining all of the parts of the Seder and how they apply to us as Believers.
We will also be enjoying the fellowship of a dinner together.
We look forward to the time together.
~Pastor Mark McKernan